How To Keep Moth Away From Your Home?

Moths are small insects with hairy bodies. They eat clothes and make holes in the clothes. Moths are harmful for us. Moths can cause skin irritation by stinging us. Only 150 types of moths out of 16500 species can sting us and cause skin irritation. So to protect ourselves from moths we have to keep them away from our house. Also if moths stay away from our house then there will be no holes in our clothes. Moths come mostly at night, they can also spoil food by drowning in the food. Moths can spread poison in our food. So, always be attentive because moths can come from any site. It is very important to remove them & do proper pest inspection. To minimize this disastrous threat we must appoint eco-friendly pest control services.

Some Methods To Keep Moth Away From Your House:-

Moths are very dangerous for us as well as for our house. They can cause harm to us by stinging and damage to our house by eating clothes. So there is need to remove moths from our house. There are some methods of Moth control. 

  1. Firstly we can use cedar oil spray bottles. Pheromones of cedar always keep insects from our house. 
  2. Secondly, we can use dried, crushed and powdered herbs to keep away moths. This can be done by getting these herbs all together and filling them in a bag and hang it near clothes or food. Moths don’t like odour of these herbs. You can also get the oil of these herbs and spray it on clothes and your belongings. 
  3. Next we can use a sticky trap in which we have placed moth pheromones due to which the moth will attract towards and will stick to this trap and eventually dies. 
  4. Always try to clean your house with a vacuum cleaner, dusting clothes or in an eco-friendly manner. This will keep dust and dirt which causes moths in the house away from your house. Also remember to vacuum content and wash dusting clothes to avoid growth and development of moth’s larvae and eggs. 
  5. Next we can freeze the clothes or belongings on which there are moths. By freezing that item will ensure that all moths are killed off due to cold temperature. Try to keep items for 24 hours or more to kill all moths. 
  6. Next we can take help of vinegar solution. Spray the mixture of vinegar and water at places where larvae and eggs of moths are growing. This will kill them and make us free from moths. 
  7. Last but not the least we can call pest control services because sometimes we can’t handle too many moths. If we try to handle loneliness then it can also cause us to. 


Moths should be killed off to prevent our house from their attacks. There should be no moths left out in the house. A house without a moth will keep you on the path of growth and development. Because we will not have to invest more money in clothes and renovation of our house.

Hire An Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company For A Safe Living Space

Pests are small living organisms that no one wants. They can be very dangerous to humans in many ways. So pest control is very important to live a convenient and safe life. For this people hire pest control services. But there are some methods which these services use that can be harmful for humans and nature as well. As they contain various harmful chemicals or some toxic non-biodegradable compounds in them. So, before hiring a pest control service from any company keep the following facts in mind.

Pesticides – Chemical pesticides have the ability to kill pests faster on a large scale. But pesticides are toxic to the environment because their residues can find their way out into water sources. This contaminates the water which you use in your daily life such as drinking and washing. Humans and plants can be highly affected by the pesticide if proper care has not been taken. To minimize this disastrous threat we must appoint eco-friendly pest control services.

Unpleasant aroma – When you will hire you will observe a very hard and unpleasant smell in the entire area. It’s very suffocating and can give you a headache. Some kind of that smell can also cause you some allergies which may not be identified also. After the pest control treatment, there must be no smell or it should be of any pleasant-smelling stuff. It will give you a nice feel, relax your mind, and also it will not affect you adversely.

Formulation of fluids – Most pest elimination services provides use fluids to kill pests. Most of them are made up of some chemicals which may be very harmful for your body as well as the environment too. So, such fluids must contain organic products or essential oils. Some of these organic products have the ability to eliminate the threat of pests and apart from that they don’t even harm you and our environment too.

Prevention – Killing pests must not be the only way to make your surroundings pest-free as you can also prevent them by throwing them out from our place. Instead of killing pests, you must go for a process or some trick that will get these pests out of your place. For example – there are some sprays with the extermination services which do not kill pests but bring them out of their habitats and let them leave that place.

Hire Our Eco-friendly Pest Control Service

Since there are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of pests without harming the environment, still you need some professional help. So as to save out time and get this work in an efficient way hire Pest Control O’Connor. We will provide you the services in which we will not use biodegradable solutions which harm don’t harm the environment. We will take all the preventive measures to do this in a safer way. Just call us 08 6109 8075 for professional assistance.